Butterfly Effects…..

Butterfly Effects.....

The Enchantment Event is finally here and the theme is “Thumbelina”. The event Designer’s have numerous themed and enchanted items for you to check out this round. La Perla‘s butterfly panties are sexy, well-made and come as appliers, so you can wear them under your clothes easily…… Continue reading

Flawed Diamond….


Nearly pure and hard around the edges, the image drawn from your throw away sketches. She is not your abrasive and will not be drilled, I think her fine crystal is finely tuned and skilled. Hardly a diamond in the rough, but flawed as we all are sure enough. -Gia

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Conjuring, an act often associated with an effect as if by magic. Conjuring idyllic images in our minds eye, scenes emerge graphic. The wind ripples through the open window with purpose, the pages of her book flutter, she turns to lay eyes on its open page. Her eyes glance down to reveal that the Elusive Enchantment Event’s doors have finally opened, revealing themselves to the realm. Continue reading