In My Own…..


I have always loved the art of Ballet and the history behind it. Although formalized in France, it is now a worldwide activity that many take part in. A series of slow, graceful exercises that are part of the practice to help generate fluidity and balance which are a corner-stone to the art of Ballet….. Continue reading

Your Prison….


Your prison, unable to penetrate
The desire to become your cellmate….
I’ll be your criminal as long as you are my alibi
Looking unto the sky….
Freedom rings they say
Each day becoming such a cliché
Eyes now close….
Clinching from you, my lethal dose Continue reading

In Bloom….

In Bloom

With more talk of Sansar and its release in the foreseeable future, many of us are wondering how much this new platform will effect Second Life and the Resident’s here. Lab Chat is holding another session, which will be a recorded segment discussing Project Bento and other Linden Lab development projects. I encourage all of you to check this out! Continue reading