Pacific Waters…..

Pacific Waters.....

The Arcade Event is finally open and I have some adorable Sea Creature plushies from Intrigue Co. that I put together in a photo. This is one of selected Gacha machines that will be available at the Arcade Event that is set up for player’s to receive a special item once you play 50 times…… Continue reading

Lucid Dreams…..

Lucid Dreams.....

Physical laws need not apply in dreams, can it all be as real as it seems?
Awareness of self in this carousel of thoughts, drifting along connecting the dots
Can it be The Arcade Event’s opening is closer than it appears to be?
She wakes on a count of One….Two….Three!  Continue reading

Plushie Pals At the Arcade….


The Arcade Event is finally upon us and will be opening at 12am slt!! The Arcade Event’s Content Creator’s  are some of the best on the grid and they never let us down with their crowd pleasing items. This year I had the pleasure of previewing Katharine McGinnis’ Intrigue Co.’s  Plushie Pals & Puppy Shaming Beds. Continue reading