Apple A Day…



The Chapter Four event has opened their event doors for its 2017 February round and there are some really nice items for you to check out! Continue reading




Omg at Tetra’s new hairstyle! I am loving the natural look of it, plus the texturing that she did on it. The color system on the hairstyle is on point and my favorite is this Blonde and Brown two-toned look… Continue reading

Plushie Pals At the Arcade….


The Arcade Event is finally upon us and will be opening at 12am slt!! The Arcade Event’s Content Creator’s  are some of the best on the grid and they never let us down with their crowd pleasing items. This year I had the pleasure of previewing Katharine McGinnis’ Intrigue Co.’s  Plushie Pals & Puppy Shaming Beds. Continue reading