CandyDoll has some fresh sexiness out at this round of The Epiphany and I decided to mix it up a little with An Lar Poses new pose pack, The Dollie Series which is out now at the Momento Mori event… Continue reading

The Bringer….


Have you been to the Gacha Guardian event yet? A pretty neat event similar to one or two others you may have ventured to-meaning that you get a Hud with a list of stores that lead you to their location…… Continue reading

Elfish At The Labyrinth…..


A brand new event is on the horizon and you all are in for a treat! The event is called “The Labyrinth” and will be opening its doors to the public October 8, 2016. The awesome Divine Paine is bringing The Labyrinth alive for us all and is well known for her designing skills for The Enchantment and The Secret Affair Event Sims. I am excited and happy for Divine’s new event venture and I am sure you all will be delighted….. Continue reading